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We are specializes in offering HR Management Services. We manage all the activities related to the compensation of the employees. Realizing the sensitivity of the process, we have a fail-proof mechanism in place and use the latest software/tools to work in a streamlined manner. The objective here is to provide an efficient Human Resource Management setup by taking care of all the activities in a smooth manner to ensure that the HR strategies are executed properly on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The HR Management Services are provided by experienced professionals who are aware of all the statutory compliances and laws governing the same. By doing this, we cater to the needs of both the employees and the organizations. We Specialize In ESIC, EPF, Gratuity, Bonus, PT, Payroll, factory Act, shop & commercial Establishment act .


Payroll processing is the systematic and necessary process of calculating, managing, and disbursing employee remuneration inside a company.

Wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits are calculated based on employees’ work hours, salaries, and applicable legislation. Payroll processing accuracy guarantees that employees are paid appropriately and on schedule, while also allowing compliance with tax and labour rules.

It consists of several phases, including data

Registration and Compliances for PF (Provident Fund) and ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) entail the process of enrolling an organisation and its employees in these mandated social security programmes.

PF Registration & Compliances: This comprises enrolling qualified employees in the Provident Fund plan and registering the company with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The organisation must donate a portion of employees’ wages to their Provident Fund accounts on a

The Shop and Commercial Establishment Act is a key piece of legislation that governs the working conditions, rights, and obligations of employees in a variety of establishments, including shops, offices, and commercial establishments. It ensures equitable treatment, work hours, vacations, and other important features, establishing a balanced and safe work environment.

With our Compliances Audit & Consultation services, you can confidently navigate complex requirements.

We do comprehensive evaluations, identify gaps, and provide specialised counsel to ensure your firm complies with legal obligations and runs efficiently.

With our Contract Labour Compliances service, you may simplify complex workforce relations.

We handle the complexities of contract labour, assuring legal compliance, fair practices, and simplified operations.

Trust us to manage compliance so you can focus

With our Factory Act Registration & Compliance solution, you can easily navigate industrial procedures. We assist you in acquiring the appropriate approvals and ensuring compliance with production Act regulations, assuring safety, welfare, and legal adherence inside your production premises.

Begin your journey to compliance with our New Establishment Registration & Compliance service. We walk you through the process of registering your new business entity, assuring adequate documentation, regulatory compliance, and a solid basis for successful operations.

Labour laws are important legislation that governs the working relationship between companies and employees. Working conditions, salaries, hours, safety, and employee rights are all addressed by these laws. Compliance with labour regulations ensures a fair and equal work environment, while also protecting workers’ well-being and promoting harmonious industrial relations.

With our Registrations service, you can simplify regulatory compliance. We walk you through the process of getting the essential licences and permits, guaranteeing legal compliance and laying the groundwork for your commercial activities.

The Factory Act compliance starts with the setting up of the industrial plant which includes registrations and approvals from concerned departments/authorities Factory Act.  Compliance related to protection against accidents, working hours of labour and sanitation, the commencement of work, meantime and holidays, the methods of remuneration rate of wages, display of obstructs and how often a workspace must be lime-washed, Pollution and Fire NOC.  We are experts in handling the diverse requirement of the Factory  Act.  Compliances with an

HR Training

Empowering Human Resource Excellence. Our comprehensive HR training programme provides individuals with the necessary skills and expertise to flourish in the fast-paced sector of Human Resources. Participants will receive insights and practical tools to efficiently traverse the complicated environment of modern HR management.

Manpower Services

Your Reliable Workforce

HR policies related to service are a set of guidelines and regulations established by an organization’s Human Resources department to govern employee behaviour and expectations in the context of providing excellent service to both internal and external stakeholders.

These policies outline the standards, procedures, and expectations that employees must adhere to when interacting with customers, clients, colleagues, and the public.

HR policies related to service

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